Salt with Guajillo Pepper (light spicy, acidulated)


Gourmet salt of the highest quality. Our salt, which comes from the sea, due to its harvesting process preserves intact its minerals and natural nutrients. Free of chemical processes, it is mixed in an artisanal way, the aroma and flavor are unique to accompany mezcal, and are perfect to accompany or complement the seasoning of food and snacks. 

Our secret recipe consists of different varieties of chiles that are part of the 64 types that exist in our country. Oaxaca has the largest variety of chiles in the world, so we gave free rein to our imagination and palate by mixing types and flavors. Chili has mainly vitamins A and C, but it is also good for accelerating metabolism, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating accumulated fat in the body. 

Maguey worm: these delicacies of Oaxacan gastronomy are only fed by the agave plant and are harvested once a year. The harvest depends, to a great extent, on climatic factors. Its common name "Chinicuil" comes from the Nahuatl chilocuilin, which means chili worm. It contains high quality proteins, easily digestible fats, minerals and fiber. And yes, it tastes delicious.

Chapulines are abundant in the fields of Oaxaca (mainly alfalfa), its name comes from Nahuatl, and means "insect that hops like a rubber ball". Its consumption is a pre-Hispanic tradition and has been going on for more than a thousand years, its flavor is a mixture of sensations on the palate, whoever tastes it will not be disappointed. Before being incorporated in our recipes, they are seasoned with lemon and garlic.

Chicatanas: They are flying insects that occur during the rainy season. These ants have a reddish color and elongated body, are consumed mostly in Oaxaca, have an imposing aroma and a delicious flavor. It provides a great amount of protein.

The acidic touch comes from the citric acid extracted from the lemon, which arrived in America as a product of the Spanish conquest and since then has been a faithful companion of Mexican tables. Regardless of its high vitamin content, that tangy flavor is indispensable in a myriad of local foods and beverages. At Casa Santos, we use the Persian lemon variety produced in Oaxaca, whose flavor and quality is indisputable.

Guajillo chile salt, gourmet sea salt. 


Due to its sweet and sour taste, it is ideal to be served with crudités, salads, snacks, fresh fruit and any refreshing drink.

Presentations: 50 grs, 100 grs and 200grs.